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Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker is an ide online game that allows players to click on a big cookie on the screen and earn a single cookie per click. Then, they can spend the cookies they have earned to buy items like "cursors" and other "buildings" that generate cookies on their own. Although there is no final goal in the game, there are hundreds of achievements that players can work towards.

Cookie Clicker has drawn players, including those who have never played video games before, because of its simple yet appealing gameplay. With a simple mouse click and keyboard command, players may quickly play and master the game. 

How to play Cookie Clicker?

  • The game starts when you click on a sizable cookie that pops up on the bottom left of the screen. You will receive one cookie for each click, hence the duration and pace of the clicks are crucial factors. Keep in mind that the faster you click, the more cookies you bake. Besides, you can get additional items such as "cursors," "farms," "mines," and "factories" by using cookies. 
  • When you have enough cookies, let's use them to purchase upgrades so that you can bake more quickly.

Unique features of the Cookie Clicker

  • Amazing sound and impressive graphics.
  • By baking 1 billion cookies, you become a famous bakery all over the world. If the number is 100 billion cookies during one ascent, you become a cosmic bakery.
  • Moreover, baking 1 trillion cookies will make you a galactic bakery, and 100 trillion cookies in one ascent will make you a universal bakery.
  • In particular, if the number of cakes you bake is 1 quadrillion cookies, 100 quadrillion cookies, and 1 quintillion cookies in one ascent, you can become a Timeless bakery, an Infinite bakery, or an Immortal bakery.

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