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Last Survivors

Last Survivors is a game that is both free and popular, and it is enjoyable.
Assuming control of a father and daughter, your objective in this game is to assist them in evading capture by the city's inhabitants without either of them becoming a zombie. There are twenty distinct levels, each of which is packed with a unique set of challenges, ranging from lethal traps to hungry zombies. You have the option of playing the game by yourself when you take control of two characters at the same time, or you may invite a buddy to assist you by taking control of one character each. The father and the daughter both possess unique talents that you will need to make use of to progress through each level. The father is a powerful person who can overcome certain challenges and vanquish zombies, while the daughter can navigate through tight areas and toss pebbles to divert the attention of the zombies. You will find gears that you may gather throughout each level of the game. You are not required to complete this objective; but, if you do gather all sixty gears, you will get a bonus level.
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