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Monkey Teacher

Monkey Teacher is a game that is not only free but also quite popular, and it is a game that is pleasant to play.
You are tasked with drawing geometric shapes that are as close to perfect as they can be to complete this game. An amicable monkey will guide you through your adventure and demonstrate several different forms to you along the way. To move the lines over each object, you may either use the cursor or the touch screen on your device. Each shape that you design correctly will allow you to advance in the game, and you will make progress with each shape that you design. You must take your time and trace each line with utmost attention to detail. When it comes to this educational sketching game, one of the most important things to focus on is accuracy! Remember that constant practice will considerably improve your drawing ability; hence, you should not feel dismayed if your initial drawings are not flawless. This is another key thing to keep in mind for you.
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