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Idle Mining Empire

In the Idle Mining Empire attractive strategy game, you will take control of a business that extracts minerals. You have the right to require people to be in charge of specific responsibilities to do this. One person will excavate, another will retrieve the minerals from the shaft, and a third person will get the minerals ready for transport.

You will need a lot of money to hire more workers and increase output. You'll eventually be able to recruit managers and use automation to your advantage. Then, do you have the confidence to build a successful business? Let’s start to play Idle Mining Empire right now!

How to play the Idle Mining Empire game?

This game begins with a warehouse, an elevator, and one mine shaft. You can improve each of them and appoint a manager to supervise each step in the production process. Each procedure will be automated by the management. Your manager has the option to go into turbo mode every five minutes, which speeds up everything in their area of responsibility. 


  • Play with the mouse.
  • To initiate an action, you must click on a game element.

Unique features of Idle Mining Empire

  • Create a mining empire from scratch
  • Open up new mineshafts
  • Improve your workforce
  • Automate the management process

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