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Poop Clicker 2

Poop Clicker 2 is a free clicker entertainment game that has gained a lot of popularity. This game will provide you with a gameplay experience that is analogous to that of Cookie Clicker, in which you click to produce new items. Poop, not Cookies, takes center stage in this particular video game as the main character and takes center stage as the protagonist. The eccentric nature of this character will provide you with a one-of-a-kind adventure.
The distinctive qualities that excrement possesses in the game Excrement Clicker are what set it apart from other games. With each click, it is possible to experience a different sensation. A sarcastic grin was plastered on the face of someone who appeared amused. You can also make a happy face by using a heart shape for the eyes of the character. Alternately, the grin with the tongue protruding is always on standby and ready for action. You will find that defecation is increasingly appealing to you.
You may make new stools without using a mouse by investing in machinery that makes the production process more automated. This will allow you to bypass the mouse entirely. You have the option of purchasing anything from a hand to a child to a child's hand to a toilet to a cow to a farm to a factory to a city to even the earth itself. The price and the purpose of each item are completely independent of one another.

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