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Monkey Mart Mini

Monkey Mart Mini is a typical business game where you will manage and be in charge of your own supermarket. You will play the monkey in blue and earn money by growing fruits and selling them. To attract customers, your supermarket stalls should contain as various products as possible. Players in the Monkey Mart Mini game will experience various tasks from farming, harvesting to trading. Read on to see how interesting the game is.

Game Play Monkey Mart Mini

After the cultivation process, every player in Money Mart has to harvest their fruits. These products will be sold at your supermarket to earn money. Therefore, you should place them well on the stall so that customers can pick and buy them easily. It is necessary to pay attention to the checkout since buyers will wait for you there for payment. This is your chance to unlock new products for sale.

Moreover, the Monkey Mart Mini game lets the player experience the business activity like it is in reality by allowing character upgrades. You can expand your growing space and simultaneously recruit more staff to support the work. The business scale will be bigger and bigger, meaning the number of customers to serve will also increase gradually. This requires you to diversify the items in addition to hiring more staff. Can you still manage your business well with more tasks like raising animals, milking cows, and making ice cream? 

The Monkey Mart Mini Game: How to Play

 If the things above cause you to be eager about Money Mart, continue with us to learn how to play the game.  

How to control?

Controlling the character in Money Mart is not complicated. You can use WASD or arrow keys to move the monkey around for growing fruits and harvesting. 

Playing Steps in Detail

Starting: Firstly, you need to go into a station with the cash icon to get money. The capital to start your business will be obtained from there. You are provided with two cash stations like that. From then on, you need to work on your own to make a profit for the supermarket. The game lets you know what you have to do next by showing stations with particular icons such as bananas, corn, eggs, milk, and so on.  

Working: If you see a station with the icon of fruit, your task will be planting and harvesting them. The Money Mart Mini game will give you a notification as soon as you can harvest them. Fruits or any other products should be provided constantly in order to meet high customer demand. The process for every product is generally the same. For each item unlocked, you will receive a detailed guide for producing it from the station; don’t worry. 

Expanding: Your business will develop day by day, and you cannot manage it alone. That’s time to recruit more staff to support you. You need to unlock this feature to hire people. Don't worry about their salary or another fee because your business at that time is strong enough to do it. The hired staff will help you develop the business, work on more tasks, and serve more customers.

When your supermarket is big enough and you have earned a certain amount of money, you can even open a second supermarket. The game will recommend that to you when you can. If you agree to the second supermarket start, a new station will turn up to obtain your cash. Developing this business is much easier than the first one because you have staff, cash, and customers available. 

Join the Monkey Mart Mini Game to develop your own business. Grow fruits, sell products, and earn money.

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