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Wednesday Clicker

The Wednesday Clicker is a popular option for people looking for entertainment that involves mindless clicking, and it is completely free of charge for anyone who wants to take part.

This game's objective is for you to click on the inactive screen in order to generate an infinite amount of objects and unlock the doors to the rooms containing the items hidden behind the question mark. You can produce products by either clicking on the primary manufacturing facility or on the individual machines that are housed within that facility. You have the ability to select one of two different courses of action.

You will have access to additional candies if you have upgraded either your production buildings or your production machinery. You may also make purchases to your item collection using the gold coins you get from collecting candy improve. These coins can be used to buy candies. These can be utilized in the same ways as gold obtained by completing quests and collecting goods. Put forth as much effort as you can to obtain the largest number of objects imaginable. Let's get together and play some games.

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