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Share is a 4D online multiplayer game that can be played on the Minecraft platform. Your objective is to complete the course without making any errors, which will require you to run from one block to the next until you reach the finish line.

Because the yellow blocks indicate the locations of control points, you should make every effort to travel to them in order to be reborn in the same location if you perish. Always remember that you must exert a great deal of effort to earn money in order to purchase extremely useful upgrades, such as speed boost, double jump, or leap boost, which will enable you to travel much further. You will have the option of beginning the game in, DoodleCube, or EvilTower format. Each of these modes is described in greater detail in the sections that follow. In, you can earn bonus experience points by completing one of the numerous tasks that are presently active in the game. When connected to the game via the internet, you can play alone, with friends, or even with players from around the globe. Each of the objects you create in DoodleCube has a distinct theme. The primary objective of the parkour video game EvilTower is to reach the summit of the structure. This game mode was inspired by the Tower of Hell level located on the Roblox platform. Have joy.