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crowd city 2

Players can currently play Crowd City 2, a popular io entertainment game, for free.
The secret to winning this game is to move as much ground as possible quickly while also attracting as many people as you can. Your primary concern as you plan your attack will be the white people you see going about their daily lives in the city. As you draw closer to them, they will start to adopt your hue as a sign that they have joined your throng and that you are approaching them. Like in the great majority of games, you will encounter a sizable number of other players on the map, and they will all be vying for the same objective as you. Pay close attention to this statistic because if your crowd is larger than theirs, you may switch the inhabitants on the teams of other players in addition to the individuals who haven't yet made their decisions. This statistic deserves your attentive attention. As a result, your goal should be to gather the most and win the tournament.
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