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Many players adore the action game 2, which features a large number of levels packed with intriguing content.
Your objective in this game is to conquer additional territory while fending off opposition from other players. Every participant starts with a very tiny circular region, and their goal is to grow that area as much as possible. You accomplish this by traveling throughout the entire map. You can alter your course by moving the cursor about in the available space. Be wary, as there will be other people attempting to outdo you. When you go on a trip, you always leave a trail of breadcrumbs behind you. You will pass away if this is handled by another person. You need to return to your location in order to reinforce this path and add the necessary space needs. You may even utilize this strategy to win against other players if you want to. Strive to be the player who has the most room.
Let's compete against one another in the game.

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