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playing the game online Many individuals consider Pou to be one of the most interesting things they can do online. Pou is accessible via the internet, is free to play, and is a lot of fun.
Your goal in this game is to figure out as quickly as you can what Pou needs to be happy and healthy. If you provide him with the right care and attention, he will mature into an adult more quickly. You need to provide it the greatest care you can, which includes bathing, feeding, and occasionally playing with it. You must make all efforts required to ensure that it receives the best care available. You two can take part in a variety of enjoyable activities together in order to furnish it with content as its entire existence revolves around you. He'll likely request that you use his soap every time you clean up after Pou. If that's the case, you should heed his suggestion. You will receive more points overall in direct proportion to the quality of care you provide for Pou. You can have more fun with it altogether if you spend those points to buy more apparel for it and use it, which will enable you to have more fun overall. Pou will appear much better after donning apparel that has been purchased for it. Even though Pou is already an intriguing and lovely creature, this is still plausible. You will be assigned daily duties to accomplish in order to guarantee that Pou continues to enjoy good health and a high level of ease and convenience in their lives.
Let's begin the game right away, shall we?

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