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Vex 4

The popular series continues with a fourth episode, endlessly titled Vex 4.
In this video game, your goal is to pass all the levels in the Vex world. In total, there are 9 actions to complete in Vex 4, each filled with dangerous obstacles and difficult paths to overcome. Every doorway lurks a potential threat. The game controls are responsive while remaining easy to use. To move, you can use the left and right arrow keys or the AD key. To jump, you can press the up arrow key or the W key on your keyboard. In the realm of Vex, you'll occasionally find yourself in congested corridors. You can bend, crawl, or slide through such small holes by pressing the down arrow key or the S key on your keyboard. To enter behavior, you also need to press the S key or the down arrow key on your keyboard. When you are standing on the threshold, remember to press down. Using the mouse while your character remains motionless allows you to investigate the area around them. By successfully completing multiple obstacles, you'll be able to unlock a "Hard Mode" version of each activity.
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