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Zombie Mission 4

A fun free game, Zombie Mission 4 is played by a large number of people who take pleasure in playing it.
To complete each level of this game, your goal is to ensure that none of your characters die under all circumstances. This is the purpose of the game. The door that goes out of each level must be located, and to do so, you must first collect all of the data disks. This is a requirement for each level. You will have the opportunity to progress through a total of eighteen different stages throughout the game. All of these levels, except the first level, are locked from the very beginning of its playthrough. As you make progress in the game, you will be able to unlock each of them individual by individually. The game may be played with friends by sharing the keyboard and having each person take control of a different character. Either way, you can play the game by yourself and manage two characters at the same time. If any of your characters are killed, you will need to start the level off from the beginning.
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