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Clash of Armor

The free and fun game Clash of Armor is a favorite among a large number of players.
The objective of this game is to eliminate the fortifications of your opponent by deploying armor units onto their territory. To accomplish this, you must have faith in your timing abilities and pay close attention to the peculiarities of the tank. You must prevail against a formidable adversary! Your fortress is about to be destroyed by their squads of soldiers. You must devise a tactical plan for the deployment of your armor units to defeat them before they reach your fortress. The characteristics of each of them are unique. A number of them are defensive tanks that are designed to fire random bullets. Others possess more powerful weapons. Alterations can also be made to the pace and shooting angle. It is going to take some time before you can deploy another tank once you have already deployed one. Figure out which tank will be deployed first. You can also use your cash to improve the statistics of your unit, such as its fire rate, health, armor damage, and building damage.
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