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Run 3

Run 3 is the newest version of the endless running game. The player's goal is to maneuver the little aliens through space. As its name suggests, Run 3 is the third installment of the famous endless-running game series that was created by Joseph Cloutier. Because Run 3 is accessible in HTML5, you can start playing without the need for Flash.

You will engage in an engaging version of the game that features new locations and a deceptively straightforward main objective. So all you need to do is run nonstop. You must make an effort to cross the roadways, prevent falling, avoid hitting holes, traps, and falling bricks, among other potentially dangerous hazards. If you hit a wall, the game ends, and you must restart from that level.

How to play Run 3

You can explore two game modes when playing Run 3: 

  • Discovery Mode: In this mode, users can add new levels to the galaxy map and meet new places or people while running. 
  • Infinite Mode: This option allows for endless operation. Energy tiles are dispersed throughout the route for the players. Additionally, it's critical to keep track of your movements because the game is over if you are outside the tunnel.


  • To rotate the world as you move, use the left or right arrows.
  • To jump, use the up arrow.
  • To reset, press R.
  • To pause the game, press P.

Features of the Run 3

  • Vibrant and colorful HD graphics
  • New map enlargement
  • Access new characters
  • Numerous new successes
  • Highest score among friends

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