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Crowd Battle Gun Rush

Many individuals enjoy playing Crowd Battle Gun Rush, which is a free game that amuses.
To progress through this game, you will need to defeat your foes at the bottom of the platform to complete each level. At the beginning of each level, you are given a basic weapon, which is an axe. As soon as the level begins, you will be able to do automated movement. However, to obtain money and avoid obstacles, you should drag your hand to the left and right positions. You will come across a variety of gates as you travel along the path. You will receive money in return for these gates, which will improve three different aspects of your character. The three statistics in question are Speed, Quantity, and Weaponry. You must make every effort to enhance these metrics to the greatest extent possible before arriving at your ultimate objective. You are required to take aim at the adversaries and vanquish every one of them once you have concluded the platform.
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