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Daddy Rabbit

Daddy Rabbit is a free game that offers a lot of fun, and a lot of people enjoy playing it so much.
To the extent that you are the player, you have to direct the father rabbit in the direction of the exit. The mole must be provided with cash, gems, and bunnies for the levels to be completed. It is required to collect these items to get them. Nevertheless, if they let out a loud cry, the zombies will start to pursue them. On account of this, you ought to act with caution and make sure that none of the infants are left behind. If you come across any zombies, you should throw one of your carrots into the air; this will force them to disappear entirely. You must complete this work by following the arrows that have been provided for navigation. We urge that you do this for the sake of our animal companions.
Let us engage in a game, will we?

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