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Dodge Hero

In Dodge Hero, you play the role of a covert operative attempting to steal into a heavily guarded vault while dodging security systems and guards. The game features straightforward graphics and a physics engine that is unlike any other.
If you are a fan of action movies that have covert missions that use laser beams, then this is the quest that you should undertake. The goal of this character is to make it to the conclusion of the game without taking any damage, but there are far too many foes and hazards in his path. You will be here to direct him while he engages in combat with the adversaries. You can control the hero by using either your mouse or the touchpad on your screen. You may observe how he shifts positions by going to the left and the right. Track the character's shadow to determine whether or not he can pass through the laser obstacles. You can prevent the evil guys from attacking you by preventing them from getting close to you. In order for you to make efficient use of your weapon, you need to hone your reflexes and make sure that you are aware of any potential impending obstacles, such as boxes and shields. If you want to make more money off of your victories, you can increase the amount of money you make by watching brief advertisements. You are able to revive your hero and continue playing from the point where you left off when you use your fortune.
Come on, let's find out if you're capable of accomplishing the goal together!

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