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Fireboy and Water Girl 4

The most recent entry in the fascinating adventure game series, Fireboy and Water Girl 4 is also the most recent installment. It is a much-loved and incredibly engaging game.
Your reflexes won't be the only thing put to the test; your fast thinking and problem-solving skills will also be put to the test. In this game, Fireboy is impervious to harm from flames and lava, but he cannot breathe water, therefore the moment he comes into touch with it, he will die. The Watergirl can walk on water, but if she approaches fire too closely, it will consume her and cause her to drown. You must locate both of the hidden gems in order to go on to the next level. Only Fireboy, Watergirl, and Fireboy are able to gather the red balls, whereas Fireboy is the only one who can collect the blue balls. Only Watergirl is capable of gathering the green balls. You must work out how to overcome the obstacles in each game level so that you can make it to the ultimate finish of the journey without dying.
Let's compete against one another in this round and see who comes out on top.

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