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Giant Wanted

A large number of players enjoy playing Giant Wanted since it is a free game that is exciting.
Taking on the role of a sniper and eliminating common foes is the objective of this game, which you will play as Giant Wanted. Let your unrivaled sniper shooting talents be on display for all to see. Turn to your most trusted ally, your sniper pistol, and ask for assistance from a member of the innocent. It is possible to observe the monster as it runs towards people while you are loading the rifle. Make use of the monocular and direct your aim at the head of the behemoth, which is its weak area. It is the ideal time to take pictures right now! Don't allow your anxiety to get the better of you. With accurate shots and the appropriate quantity of assault damage, you will be able to overcome any behemoth that stands in your path. It is possible to increase the damage of your weapon between levels to improve its impact. The main menu also includes an option to boost offline profits, which may be selected accordingly. If you are successful in completing the stages, you will be able to obtain premium guns for upcoming tasks.
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