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Haunted Hospital

The terrifying and eerie aspects of Haunted Hospital can be experienced in a massively multiplayer online game called Haunted Hospital. The game's setting is a virtual environment. A terrifying asylum serves as the setting for this thrilling game, which tasks players with escaping the facility while maintaining their own safety.
The Kogama series, of which this game is a part, gives users the ability to use a 3D sandbox editor to develop their own games and share them with other players. The video game Kogama: Haunted Hospital takes place in a dismal and dreary hospital, where players are free to roam about and investigate in various capacities. The hospital is infested with a wide variety of dangerous monsters and traps that are designed to end the player's adventure. The objective of the game is to race against your opponents to see who can amass the most stars (22 total) by exploring the hospital. The stars are concealed in a variety of locations, and in order to uncover them, you will need to work together and solve puzzles.
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