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Merge Dungeon

Merge Dungeon is a mobile role-playing and strategy game that challenges players to build an impregnable dungeon by merging animals, growing their talents, and defeating foes. Players progress through the game by merging animals, and the game is played on a mobile device. The players advance through the game by fusing together different species, improving their abilities, and eliminating various foes. In order to progress through the game, the players will need to make use of their mobile devices on multiple occasions. You are going to go on an adventure in this mysterious and alluring location, and while you are there, you are going to build the largest and most extensive dungeon that you possibly can and populate it with dangerous monsters. The following is a synopsis of the overall concept behind the game in its entirety, explained in a simple manner: The mobile gaming experience known as Merge Dungeon offers a one-of-a-kind take on the traditional aspects of strategy games.
What do you say we get this game going, shall we?

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