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Money Movers 3

There are a lot of individuals who take pleasure in playing Money Movers 3, which is a game that is not only free but also extremely engaging and a lot of fun.
As you progress through every stage of this game, your objective is to rescue every single prisoner that you encounter. If you approach these convicts with only a guard character, you will lose the game since they will be able to hit you. If you do this, you will be defeated. When compared to all other prisoners who possess prisoner titles, these offenders pose the highest threat. Because of this, you will be in control of both characters to solve puzzles, shift platforms, and make room for prisoners. You will also be necessary to make room for prisoners. To get things started, you should bring the dog to the inmates so that you can instill terror in them and force them to submit. After that moment, you will have the ability to tie them with your guards going forward.
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