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My Dolphin Show 5

The game My Dolphin Show 5 is a lot of fun to play, and it is one of the most popular free amusement games ever created.
To complete each level of this game with a perfect score of three stars is the goal you have set for yourself. It is recommended that you start with the very first level of the game because there are a total of 18 different levels in the game, but you can only unlock them one at a time while playing. Only after you have amassed a sufficient amount of stars will you be able to proceed to the last two levels. Feel free to experiment with the arrow keys to move around and do tricks. When you go through the hoops and hit the ball, you even can squirt water on them. In the course of carrying out stunts, you will have the opportunity to make monetary gains. One can unlock a wide variety of different garments from the store by making use of these.
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