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Stickman VS Huggy Wuggy

The Stickman VS Huggy Wuggy A large number of players enjoy playing Wuggy, which is a game that is both free and engaging.
In this game, your objective is to be ready to face anything and anything and to triumph over the monsters. In this game, there are barriers, so you should think before you fire. There are some levels in which you will not face enemies directly next to you. There are situations when you have to determine the direction of the bullet. To aim and observe the trajectory of the bullet, use the mouse. Depending on the angle at which it struck the item, your bullet will bounce back when it comes into contact with an obstruction. Because you only have a limited quantity of ammunition, you should carefully plan your maneuvers. Make use of the environment to your advantage if the adversaries are difficult to approach. You may be able to push things or start shooting if you let your bullet go into the lava. Investigate your environment and come up with the most effective plan to complete the level.
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