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Vex 6

Vex 6 concludes the popular Vex video game series. New game aspects are challenging. Each level requires you to control a stickman over difficult obstacles and traps.
Vex6 game rules
The objective of life is to live long. Wheels, cogs, and other obstacles often injure you. You only need to practice climbing, sliding, and leaping. To complete jobs well, you must be quick-thinking and perceptive. Jumping or soaring between gaps may be necessary when crossing many dangerous barriers.
Enhance Vex.
You can buy character accessories with several gifts. The leather shop offers rare skins.
Graphics and 60 frames per second make this game fun to play. Vex 6 brings another dangerous exam. How far will you get in this action-packed adventure game? Can you lead this brave stickman and use your acrobatic skills to attain multiple goals?

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