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Wheely 8

Your game is called Wheely 8. During their time there, Wheely and Jolie were having a picnic when they were interrupted by the arrival of a UFO in the vicinity.

And Wheely came to the conclusion that he should help the aliens fix their spaceship by volunteering his assistance. Travel to a variety of locales, such as the city, the forest, and other places besides, in order to get the equipment that is required for repairing their starship. Find the answers to the riddles, prevail over the numerous obstacles, and make it possible for Wheely to leave the level in a secure manner by doing all of these things. If you uncover the two hidden objects in each level, which are a wheel and a toy truck, you will be awarded bonus points and move on to the next level. Do you think you have what it takes to make it through all 12 levels of this game?
Let's go enjoy it without cost on the internet, shall we?

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