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Kill the Coronavirus

A large number of players enjoy playing Kill the Coronavirus, which is a game that is both free and interesting.
In this game, your objective is to eradicate viruses by hurling vaccinations directed at them. A virus that is spinning will appear in the middle of the screen when you first start the game. It is recommended that you expose it to all of the vaccines to eradicate it. To accomplish this, you will need to wait for the appropriate time and then click on the screen. When you look at the screen, you will notice that the number of vaccines required for the virus is displayed in the bottom left corner. It is necessary to begin the process all over again if you attempt to throw a vaccination at a virus since the vaccine will be deflected. The current state of the virus's health may be seen shown in the bottom right corner of the screen. Take the time to thoroughly plan your tactics and make sure that every shot you take is effective.
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