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Super Stacker 2

A lot of people take pleasure in playing Super Stacker 2, which is available to be played for free on the internet.
The goal of this game is to complete each level by constructing a building out of the many blocks of varied forms that are supplied at the beginning of each level. Thank you very much! Before you may move on to the next phase, the stack you are using must continue to be active for ten seconds after it has finished the task it was given. As you make your way through the many levels of the game, you won't only be required to construct a skyscraper-like you might expect; rather, you'll be tasked with constructing a wide range of unique buildings instead. You are welcome to make use of a variety of forms, including circles, squares, and triangles. Each of the game's four difficulties is broken down into ten different, progressively more difficult levels. Once you have finished all forty of the main game's stages, only then will you be allowed to access the extra mode. Have a happy day! In addition, you have the ability to create your own unique levels for use in the game.
Let's compete against one other to see who comes out on top in this game.

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