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Word Search Pictures

The free amusement game known as Word Search Pictures is a favorite among a large number of individuals.
The objective of this game is for you to discover words that are associated with the pictures that are presented in each puzzle. Find hidden words as well as bonus words to complete each level in standard mode with the highest possible score. While the image is displayed at the very top of the screen, the words that you need to locate are located directly below it. To highlight and pick a word that you have found on the board, you need first click the first letter of the word and then move the mouse along other words. If you discover a word, you will be rewarded with coins and points. It is possible to purchase a variety of power-ups that will assist you in finding words by using these coins. Additionally, there is a mode that challenges you every hour. If you want to get points, you should try to solve a riddle.
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