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Protect My Dog

Protect My Dog is a free game that is entertaining, interactive, and provides a source of enjoyment that a large number of people like playing.
The goal of this game is to make sure that your gorgeous dog is happy and healthy and to put a grin on its face. The only thing you should be concerned about during this brainteaser is protecting your little dog. You will find him perched on a variety of platforms, most of which are situated in potentially hazardous situations, such as near beehives. You can find him there. Even if he has not broken any rules, the fact that he got stung by the bees should not come as a complete shock to anyone. Because of this, it is essential to maintain a constant watch on him and to draw lines around him in order to protect him from the bees. You should also pay attention to the platforms on which he is standing in order to prevent the scenario in which he gets injuries as a consequence of going off the edge of the platform as a result of the force that is being exerted by the bees.
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