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Sushi Cat 2

There are a lot of people who enjoy playing Sushi Cat 2, which is a free and entertaining game.
As you play this game, your objective is to provide the cat with as many pieces of sushi as you possibly can. It is in your best interest to consume as much sushi as you can to grow large enough to win back your wife from that dumb dog. The dogs are out to ruin everything. You will see that the stomach of the sushi cat is located on the left side of the screen. Because this cat has an appetite that is more than healthy, there is plenty of room reserved for food. There is a display on the right side that shows how much sushi is still available on the level. The cat must be released onto the peggle game board for you to be able to collect all of the sushi. The cat will jump down onto pegs and platforms and pick up any piece of sushi that it comes into contact with whenever it comes into contact with it. Additionally, there are some unique pieces of sushi that you may take home with you! Your hungry cat will be able to unlock adorable new attire if you have golden ones. Make an effort to gather them all.
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