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Tomb of the Mask draws

Tomb of the Mask draws its influence from the golden age of arcade gaming, bringing back fond memories of games that required players to find their way through perilous mazes while avoiding deadly hazards and adversaries.

You assume the role of an explorer who, in this updated edition, discovers a strange mask that bestows upon them the ability to climb vertical surfaces and move at rapid speeds while navigating intricate mazes.
Your character will advance upwards on their own, and it will be up to you to lead them in the desired direction by swiping in that direction. The game gains both depth and excitement because of the player's ability to cling to walls and dash through openings in masks. As you make progress, the challenges will become progressively more difficult, demanding decisions made in a split second and timing that is extremely accurate. Players are encouraged to develop their abilities and obtain higher scores by providing them with a level that features a satisfying combination of puzzles and action.
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