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The free and fun game is a favorite among a large number of players.
The objective of this game is for you to be prepared to take command of one of these extraterrestrial vehicles (UFOs) and bring an end to the existence of humans on this planet. These extraterrestrial beings have arrived to destroy anything that stands in their way, including humans. In this game, you can go through three different game modes. One of the modes available is called the classic mode, and it requires you to strive to become the finest player possible. You are playing the game in solitary mode, and your objective is to consume the entire city before the time limit expires. The third section is where you must eliminate all of the UFOs to emerge victorious. All of the game modes allow you to consume cities to grow larger. As the game proceeds, you will find that trees, automobiles, and even houses are too small for you to fit inside of them. Your growth will also be aided by the consumption of other players and the accumulation of power-ups. After each game, you will earn money that can be used to purchase costumes. You can unlock famous and legendary skins for your character. When you are destroying everything, these costumes will help you look even more awesome than you already are.
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